Saturday, January 4, 2014

the toppermost of 2013

Hello, my friends. Yes, I have returned from the wilderness. Actually, I didn't go anywhere. A series of business plans, musical endeavors, and odd back issues caused me to be blogless for a while. Now, I'm back, back, BACK!

Let's kick off this short entry with a list of my ten, favorite longplayers of 2013. Hopefully, at some point, I will be able to go into more detail about each one. I promise to try to post as much as possible without another hiatus. For the time being, let's just look at my top picks. Drum roll, please!

David Bowie - "The Next Day"
Disclosure - "Settle"
Agnetha Fältskog - "A"
Goldfrapp - "Tales Of Us"
Alison Moyet - "The Minutes"
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "English Electric"
Pet Shop Boys - "Electric"
Prefab Sprout - "Crimson/Red"
ShyBoy - "Water On Mars"
Suede - "Bloodsports"

There you have it. Discuss amongst yourselves. There will be a quiz.


  1. A very good list. Filled with the wonderment that I need to have in my life! I've been hoarding cash for the last six months for musical travels and I'm not finished yet, [bloody Moogfest passes!] so I have yet to purchase the Monastic copies of "The Next Day*," "Tales Of Us," "Crimson/Red," "Bloodsports," or even "Electric" that all have waiting berths in Ye Olde Record Cell. But rest assured that I have sights on all of them. I already have the OMD since it appeared before mid-year, when I had money to blow on mere CDs!

    But if I ever wanted to investigate a post Yazoo Alison Moyet album, her new one sounds like it's the one to bear scrutiny! Give me 8 months and I may be prepared to finally discuss. Especially since this was a rare year where The Monk purchased more than ten current albums! As the pool of music was fraught with heavy competition, the OMD just landed outside of my top 10 cutoff point, but only because I hold them to astonishingly high standards and "grade them against the curve."

    What I need to do, since your tastes are highly congruent with mine, is to investigate Disclosure and ShyBoy, since they are unknown quantities to The Monk, who is usually glancing backward!

    * Of course I held off on the Bowie since I [accurately] predicted that it would re-appear in a more DLX edition before Xmas and was proven correct! I also accurately predicted Kraftwerk headlining Moogfest 14! One more miracle and it may be Sainthood for this Monk; completely bypassing the whole, tired Bishop/Cardinal/Papal jiggery-pokery!

  2. Delta Machine is conspicuous in it's absence from this list

  3. Great list Vinny! Four of the ten match with my list. I'll message you my list (through FB). Cheers! Melvin

  4. Well chosen list Sir Vero. Our choices converge on all but Agnetha and Shyboy.