Friday, December 17, 2010

one too many times to the well

Here's Duffy's latest single, "Well Well Well".

I hear you roll your eyes in sarcastic disinterest as if I had somehow posted something I didn't know was well past its sell by date.

Take a listen to it. Watch it. Srsly! Go ahead.

Her vocal affectation attacks my ears like a rabid cheese grater. Such a shame, as I really like "Rockferry", her debut platter.

Then, unknowingly, as my eyes flitted across the credits on the single sleeve, the following words sent my system into anaphylactic shock - "Co-produced by Stuart Price". *abrupt record scratch*

Stuart, babydoll. What's with this bit of slumming? Duffy must have paid him a sizable chunk of the cash she copped from her Coke commercial.

Please keep it cool, Stuart. We're watching.


  1. Glad it is not just me that hates the vocals. why has she gone so squeeky? the song is ok

  2. @discobunny - Agreed! I really like the song. I just can't get past the squeaky voice.

  3. Oh Stuart... :(

    He should've been twiddling the knobs for 'Credo'

  4. @orac - I can't imagine he needed the cash! :) Have you heard "Credo" yet? If so, please tell me it's amazing.