Tuesday, December 21, 2010

all you need is eyeliner

The mighty Duran Duran deliver a double shot of goodness today. Firstly, they've unleashed the vid for their latest single, "All You Need Is Now". Let's take a look.

The boys are in fine fettle. Lots of eyeliner is the order of the day. Didn't they do the black jacket and tie shtick when they reemerged victoriously with "Ordinary World" back in *cough, sputter* 1993? And what's with the aluminum foil background? Budgetary constraints, lads?

Secondly, Duran Duran released their new longplayer today. Huzzah! Their thirteenth elpee, christened "All You Need Is Now", will require a deeper dive in between the moments of madness as we run up to Christmas. I've lived with it for about a week and I'm busting at the gut to write about it.

After several listens, it appears that Simon still loves to sing at the top of his range. This always causes problems for Monsieur Le Bon when the band hit the road. Often, in a live setting, he has to reach for the high notes from deep within and his voice tends to get a little screechy. Let's hope he does his vocal exercises before the boys go out on their impending, worldwide trek. Come around for some tea and honey, Simon. We'll make sure your pipes are in tip top shape before the tour.

I noticed a couple of things now that I have the proper artwork and credits. For instance, Dom Brown steps closer to being an official member of the group as he is credited with writing contributions on seven tracks on the album. Do they dare deliver him into the kingdom of Duran Duran with a permanent residence?

And don't forget, kittens, the album will feature three additional tracks when the band releases the physical configurations at the beginning of February.

Most importantly, they are doing it all without being signed to a label. DIY for Duran Duran, darlings! Excelsior!


  1. And with three months of 70% net on iTunes sales, they may see more ROI then they've ever seen on a check endorsed "EMI." It's about time that formerly pampered pop stars wake up and smelled the coffee. The Man may flatter you and fellate your ego but he's skimming the cream the whole time - and socking you with the bill besides! You will work harder now in these end times, but the reward is more pure.

  2. @postpunkmonk - Truer words have rarely been spoken. This should boost their bottom line considerably, especially with a tour immediately following in the new year.

    I'm not surprised, though. We always knew Lord Nicholas Of Rhodes was going to make the technology continue to work for the band.

    Side note... When I worked at EMI, I used to cringe at the bloated amounts the company used to charge against their artists' accounts. Shameful. He who laughs last...

  3. As for the tinfoil, I love it. It says "we are Duran f•cking Duran - we are the show!" It reeks of confidence.