Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kylie catastrophe

Sound the sirens. Ring the alarm. Kylie's latest single, "Better Than Today", has crashed out at #32 on the UK singles chart this week. *gay gasp*

favorite Aussie pop rocket has not had a showing this dismal since "The One", the final single from "X", limped apologetically into the chart at #36 back in 2008.

With all the promotion afforded Kylie's last two singles, it does leave me scratching my head in wonder. I guess the days of releasing more than three singles from an album are over.

Kylie was always afforded the assurance of a top ten placing. And an album like "Aphrodite", which is filled to the teeth with great sounding, hit driven material, shows there is very little room for growth outside an act's fanbase.

I'm curious to see what Camp Kylie decides to do with the "Aphrodite" campaign from this point forward, especially with a world tour slated for next year. Perhaps the expanded deluxe edition that's been hinted at is about to materialize.


  1. I love Kylie, but what did they expect? Kylie should never ever work with Andy Chatterley, Nerina Pallot nor Scissor Sisters.

    "Better Than Today" was one of the worst cuts off "Aphrodite".

  2. Camp Kylie has always chosen either the worst song for the first single or chosen really ill advised follow up singles. "Better Than Today" was a poor choice for the third single. "Aphordite" or "Cupid Boy" would have been better choices. Too bad, I love this cd.

  3. @Kevin - That's the beauty about being a fan. Lots of opinions. Personally, I don't think there are any terrible songs on "Aphrodite". Although, "Cupid Boy" has to be my least favorite.

  4. @Silverlakeguy - Yes. That has happened on occasion, but not often. I think the most obvious misstep was not releasing "The One" as the first single from "X".

    As for her latest album, the title track would've made the best choice for third single. Bring on the super deluxe expanded edition!

  5. Better Than Today is the worst song on the album.

  6. But honestly, outside of the gay male fanbase, who are Kylie's commercial market? For me, her camp schtick is becoming very dated very quickly.