Monday, July 5, 2010

losing faith

Was this necessary?

What is the point of shoehorning Gostface Killah into this brilliant tune? Someone at the label needs to be shot for this. How deliciously apropos that would be.

For those who care, the single will be rereleased in the UK on August 1.


  1. Oh dear! I am not going to even click on that! Love the original but I imagine this will be like that time Texas did Say What You Want with some of the Wu-Tang Clan (i.e. very unnecessary).

  2. What what?
    Firstly I though this was a few singles ago - is this a US release then? Terrible addition of Ghostface which sounds like some bedroom DJ has stuck it on to be clever.
    And secondly, it's an incredible sophisticated pop song which may be why it wasn't a mega-hit.