Thursday, July 22, 2010

body parts

It's a good day to be a blonde bombshell artiste. News of Robyn's new petite elpee, "Body Talk Pt. 2", just landed on my desk. Isn't the artwork spectacular? The lady has carved out a creative style all her own. I love how the end of the "R" curls around her eye.

Robyn isn't not even done promoting "Body Talk Pt. 1" and she's on to the next part of the adventure. I guess each release will dovetail through the full "Body Talk" campaign. And it's smart that she's touring with Kelis between the releases.

I must admit that I, along with many others, was skeptical about releasing three mini albums over a twelve month period. But the girl seems to keep the momentum rolling. I'm happy to see her being able to achieve her goal.

Of course, I think time will bear out one amazeballs longplayer distilled out of the three releases.

The tracklisting for "Body Talk Pt. 2" even features a track with Snoop Dogg called "U Should Know Better". The Doggfather sure does get around these days. Take note of track eight.

1. In My Eyes
2. Include Me Out
3. Hang With Me
4. Love Kills
5. We Dance To The Beat
6. Criminal Intent
7. U Should Know Better
8. Indestructible (Acoustic Version)

Does that mean we might get a souped up, electronic version of "Indestructible" as a single from the third installment of the "Body Talk" series?

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  1. Part 1 didn't thrill me entirely, but there were about three or four songs on it that I really liked, which is a pretty good ratio. I think you're right about the eventual amazeballs combined LP.