Sunday, April 25, 2010

timezone hydroplaning

Not much to report here. We're all waiting breathless for new albums from Scissor Sisters and Kylie Minogue. It seems the competition knows these are on target to be albums of epic proportions for many pop aficionados. So the slate is a bit bare until then.

If you come to realize I'm not checking in on a regularly here and across all my social media hangouts, blame it on the timezone hydroplaning. I will be away from my home base quite a bit over the next couple of weeks for a not so super secret mission that will shift my orbit in the coming months. Plus, I'll be toiling away in the studio on a few projects in between. Exciting times, indeed!

In the meantime, with Goldfrapp playing on my iPod over and over ad infinitum, please enjoy the latest visual nugget from Gorillaz. Not sure if this is the official video for "Superfast Jellyfish", the second single lifted from their latest longplayer, "Plastic Beach". Whatever the case, it's still entertaining.

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