Monday, April 12, 2010

faith in this color

I can almost smell the amyl nitrate. Must be time for a new single from Faithless!

"Not Going Home" will be the first single from their sixth longplayer, "The Dance". The single will be released on May 3 while the album is scheduled to be made available from all fine shops on May 17.

The trippy video for "Not Going Home" premiered today on the band's official website. Apparently, they wanted to reconnect with the dancefloor. After watching the video, it certainly looks like someone took a few too many hits of ecstasy. It has a sort of Aeon Flux look about it.

"Sun To Me", another track from the album, has been floating around for the last few months in preparation for Faithless' return to clubland. It's suitably dark and seedy sounding.

Hard to believe they've been banging about for nearly 15 years. Sister Bliss, Maxi Jazz and the enigmatic Rollo have released a total of eleven albums if you count their greatest hits and remix collections.

Faithless, along with Underworld, continue to deliver bass shaking dance epics while maintaining some pop elements without ever succumbing to the allure of the disco ball.

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