Sunday, April 11, 2010

maximum big surprise

Just unwrapped my copy of the newly remastered edition of "So Red The Rose", the only album by Duran Duran side project, Arcadia.


More to follow as I bathe in its arty textures, arch presentation and dark musings. In the meantime, cast your memories back to the shoulder pad days of 1985.

Apparently, they've played this little gem at least twice in their recent live show. I think I would wet myself if I heard them whip out "Election Day".

Excuse me. I think I peed a little.


  1. How good does Simon's voice sound in the live clips?! And the entire band for that matter. Can't wait to get the remastered edition.

  2. Detailed review please! I'm all over this just for the DVD. It represents the single DD laserdisc I never managed to get (in spite of special ordering). I still maintain that this was Duran's finest hour (if not in name).

  3. I have it but haven't listened to it yet - again it takes me back to what my brother was listening to when i was still into kids from fame and st winifred's school choir. However, have 2 hour drive today to Grimsby so will give it a whirl then!