Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Further to my entry re: The Colourfield, I dug out the one and only album by Vegas, a self-titled effort by Terry Hall and Eurythmics' Dave Stewart. IMHO it's the only other project outside Eurythmics where David Stewart showed true genius.

It really puts into sharp focus the special, musical relationship he shares with Annie Lennox. Nearly everything else Dave has laid his hands on is rather dull and uninspired. And the songs were rubbish. Bless him for trying, though. However, I did like "Lily Was Here", the single he recorded with sexy saxophonist, Candy Dulfer.

Anyway, pick up the Vegas longplayer if you can find it. It's a gem. Three singles were released from it - "Possessed", "She" (the Charles Aznavour classic as opposed to the Boyce/Hart composition covered by The Colourfield) and "Walk Into The Wind".

Here's the video for "Possessed". One of Sophie Muller's finest.

Comedy, irony, plush velvet textures, Pierre et Gilles overtones and cinematic lighting. The full range of Sophie's visual palette.

Then there's the voyeuristic comedy of "She" directed by Tim Pope who lensed many videos for The Cure back in the day. The song's writer, Charles Aznavour, makes a cameo. It gets kind of creepy around the 2.22 mark where Charlie starts feeling himself up.

I wonder if that's the same poodle featured in the clip for "Possessed"? Is it me or do both vids have blatantly gay overtones?

Two videos treatments were produced for third single, "Walk Into The Wind", which features Siobhan Fahey, Dave Stewart's ex and former member of Bananarama. Unfortunately, the embedding has been disabled on YouTube for the first version. Click here for joy.

The black and white version is a rarity. It took quite a lot of surfing to locate it. It has been lovingly featured on Siobhan Fahey's blog. Follow this link for peek. Warning! If you're the squeamish type, there are multiple scenes toward the end of the video which feature shaving.

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  1. Wow! I'm now officially obsessed with 'Walk Into The Wind'. The song unexpectedly reminds me of Bryan Ferry and I love Siobhan's backing vocals. So lovely to see Siobhan and Dave in happier times as well.