Thursday, February 25, 2010

Robbie in orbit

After his bombastic, overlong and indulgent performance at this year's Brit awards, Robbie Williams is back with the third single from his latest album, "Reality Killed The Video Star".

The video for "Morning Sun", not one my immediate choices for single release, shows RW hurtling his way through space while completely in awe of the insignificance of humans in the grand scheme of things. Or something like that.


  1. No likey this AT ALL. Dull dull dull when there are some amazeball tracks on the CD.

  2. @xolondon - Agreed. I would've gone with one of the more funkier numbers.

  3. Funny. I really like this one. Sure there are some other great tracks on this album too, but it reminds me of some classic Rob trax without being a pale echo. Oh well. Each to their own :)


  4. Gawd, I love this album so much! This song is so powerful, and yet so simple. I love him so.

  5. We clearly have the same view Vinny - Morning Sun is great but far from single material. Who makes these calls at the record company - the tea lady?
    What about Difficult for Weirdos or Last Days of Disco?