Friday, October 9, 2009

operation: desert babes

In the annals of pop music, history will recount today as the unveiling of Sugababes V4.0 with the release of their brand new video, "About A Girl".

It'll take a little more time to sink in. I like the song, especially the little chanting bit at the end of the chorus. My first impression is that I miss Keisha's voice. And I think the 'babes are trying a little too hard with this video. We'll see what happens when the album, "Sweet 7", drops.

My second thought is one related to finances. Did they really have to fly the ladies out to the arid climes of the desert to shoot this video? Labels still have budgets for this kind of thing? It looks rather average for such an endeavor. There are ways to lens a video that looks expensive without spending wads of cash. Did they need doubles and actors? Did they need to fly a raft of people over to the US? This perplexes me.

And is it just me, or did they forget the change out Keisha's body double? And why is Jade wearing a low rent, party wig? No $ to pay for the stylists, perhaps? This story keeps getting stranger.

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  1. It just screams of too much effort on what really should have been an effortless project for them! LOL at the body double - I hadn't noticed but I think you are absolutely right. I'm still unsold on the newest Sugababes but I'll wait and see...