Friday, October 2, 2009

once more with feeling

Here it is, kittens! "Once More" is the brand new single from the mighty Spandau Ballet.

It marks the very first time one of their songs has been written by Gary Kemp with another member of the band. "Once More", from the album of the same name, is a collaboration between Gary Kemp and Steve Norman, Spandau Ballet's percussionist and sax player. With the exception of one song on their final album, "Heart Like A Sky", Gary wrote every song in the Spandau cannon.

About a minute has been trimmed of the end of the song for this clip, but it's worth hearing. And Tony's voice sounds richer and more confident than ever. A welcome return!


  1. This sounds great - i've always been a casual admirer rather than an ardent fan but I'm quite excited about their return. Is it true they have done a new version of Gold?!

  2. @Paul - A lot of people seem to be very excited about their return. And I think the group is a bit surprised by it all. From what I know, the new album features 11 reworkings of older songs and two brand new ones. I haven't heard if they've done "Gold". I would think they would considering it's one of their biggest hits.

    So far, Gary has mentioned to me that they've recorded "True", "Only When You Leave", "To Cut A Long Story Short". The rest will be a surprise until they reveal the tracklisting.

  3. Sounds a bit like Manic Street Preachers vocally. I'm excited about the forthcoming record. Thanks for sharing : )