Monday, September 20, 2010

people hold on

"All I Ever Wanted" was the last single The Human League released. That was nearly ten years ago. Today, all that changes with the announcement of "Night People", the first single from their forthcoming longplayer, "Credo".

Originally, word was out that the new elpee would be titled "Decades". However, that turned out to be poppycock even if it did form part of a nifty story which saw "Decades" as their tenth album (if one counts "Love And Dancing") being released on October 10, 2010.

Tall tales aside, "Credo", ver League's ninth studio album to carry a single word title, will be released in 2011 shortly after the release of the follow up single to "Night People".

Watch out for Phil and co. on tour starting at the end of November. Expect them to play new tunes from "Credo". "Night People" should hit the "shops" just before THL's opening date on November 29.

Thanks to our friends electric over at "Electronically Yours", your one stop pop shop for all things Human, who broke this story first.


  1. This is almost eerily appropriate (or maybe just eerie) for me today. All day long, I've had "Fascination" stuck in my head. They were also part of one of the best concerts I've ever seen: Howard Jones, Human League, Culture Club. So awesome. Yay for new Human League album!

  2. hurray!

    And kudos on the use of the word poppycock. Always a blinder :)