Monday, September 6, 2010

glamour zombie thriller

Ms. Marina has returned with "Shampaign", the FIFTH single - count 'em - from her debut longplayer, "The Family Jewels".

She has teased us on Twitter with details of the video. And now, as if by magic, le clip has appeared.

It's a cross between a night on the tiles and an homage to "Thriller". Here's a little tip for Marina. Invest in some waterproof mascara, luv.


  1. Great video but wasn't this already a single about three years ago? I am getting elderly and confused again!

  2. @DanProject76 - "I Am Not A Robot" got a double airing, I believe. But this is the first time "Shampaign" has been promoted as far as I can remember. I recall there being a lot of people suggesting early on that it should've been a single.

  3. i think it was "mooted" as a single, but then Hollywood and Oh No came along. it seems this album has been around forever! Not that i have a problem with that :)