Wednesday, September 8, 2010

double feature

Dance dynamo, Underworld, have revealed the second single from the latest longplayer, "Barking". "Always Loved A Film" is the follow up to the drum n' bass flavored "Scribble".

Not content with creating one sleeve and video for the single, it appears Karl Hyde and Rick Smith have commissioned two of each!

Here's the first set.

Shame. Not a DILF in sight.

And now the second sleeve and video.

Very pastoral and psychedelic. Reminds me of "The Love Parade" by The Dream Academy.

The song takes a more melodic path similar in style to Underworld Mk 1 before their hippy, trippy forays into house and techno. Love the chanty bits they drop into their tracks. I can just imagine the dancefloor masses shouting "heaven" repeatedly with arms akimbo. Where are my glowsticks and hotpants?


  1. It's catchier than most of their recent stuff, but I think it would benefit from a guest vocalist.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about this. I was about to give up on them after Oblivion With Bells, but this album is wonderful! And there are some actual tunes! I think it may come down to a transitional album to something even better (hopefully), but for right now, I'm loving their new direction. Spot on!