Thursday, September 2, 2010

light years

Watch Kylie glow!

Everyone's favorite, Aussie pop rocket finally revealed the video for "Get Outta My Way", the second single from "Aphrodite".

Epic! It's a good example of a video that looks like it could have been a budget buster, but probably cost much less than you think. A studio, a few designer frocks, a dozen dancers, some chairs, a stylist and some eye popping computer graphic can do the trick very nicely these days without breaking the bank.

If you look closely, you'll see me giving Kylie some jazz hands toward the end.

"Get Outta My Way" hits the "shops" on September 27 in various configurations. Two different CD singles - a two track and a five track - will be made available for those that still prefer their zeros and ones in a physical format. If you're of the downloadable persuasion, a digital bundle will certainly be your aural stimulation of choice. And a useless 7" picture disc will be pressed up for those of you still living in 1983.


  1. Her best video in YEARS. Amazing.

  2. Immensely well done. Hopefully it reaches a wider audience in the US than All the Lovers did. Seriously, she's never looked better than this era.

  3. Why would the 7" version be useless? I'd much prefer the vinyl to the cd as a physical format.

  4. @Tony Montana - It's a picture disc 7". The sounds quality is crappy. I'd much prefer a standard vinyl 12" for better sound.

  5. Wow. She's so beautiful and sexy. Love those gyrations.
    (oh Kylie, those boys can't love you like I can..)

    Ahem. Anyway, it looks like we'll only be getting the 5-track remix physical single in Australia (booo!), so it's off to eBay for me. Yes, I'm totally living in 1983.

  6. What do you mean "you'll see me"? Are you in the video?

  7. @Anonymous - I'm in the back wearing the red thong. Look very closely. :)