Friday, September 24, 2010

let's hope this isn't truth in advertising

Paloma Faith has announced the release of "Smoke & Mirrors", the latest single from her magnificent debut elpee, "Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?"

It's the FIFTH (count 'em) single to be plucked from the album. If you include the dreadful rerelease of "New York" with the rap shoehorned into it then it brings her tally of singles to six from "DYWTTOSB?"

I would really love to post the dastardly and quite funny video for "Smoke & Mirrors" as part of this entry. However, the lovely folks at Sony have disabled the ability to embed it.

Nice job, label wanks. I guess they don't like a little free promotion. So I'm showing my dissatisfaction by refusing to link to the video on YouTube. On the upside, I'm really pleased they stuck with Lady Faith. They're kickin' it old school with a campaign as deep and wide as the Arizona sky.

Is it me or does Paloma look like Jessica Rabbit on the sleeve of her lush, new single? What's with the bedazzled Laverne DeFazio look on her dress? Bring on the sophomore album, honey. Capitalize on your current fanbase. Let's hope the title of her single isn't a reflection of the truth.

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