Thursday, September 2, 2010

dare to dream

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of "Dare" by The Human League, a landmark longplayer of epic proportions. Now, nearly ten years after their last elpee, "Secrets", the tracklisting for The Human League’s new album, "Decades", has leaked. However, it isn't clear if the title is correct. Some sources have indicated it isn't.

Ten figures highly for ver League right now. Their latest will be their tenth studio album and is scheduled to be issued on October 10. That's 10.10.10 for those keeping track.

Rumor has it the first single will be "Night People". The first single from their previous album was "All I Ever Wanted".

It might take a while for Oakey and co. to pull their fingers out, but when they do the result is a quite often a cracking tune bristling with electricity. Let's hope they've let their musical ideas marinate in the juices of electronic pop sufficiently enough to provide us with an amazing album.

The tracklisting for their forthcoming longplayer features the following eleven tracks.

1. Never Let Me Go
2. Night People
3. Sky
4. Got To Do
5. Egomaniac
6. Single Minded
7. Electric Shock
8. Get Together
9. Privilege
10. Breaking The Chains
11. Stars Start To Shine


  1. Egads I've been waiting for what seems like forever! Secrets is my favorite album of theirs, and it was such a shame it was so overlooked. I saw them live a couple years back, and they were the best they'd ever been. What a year for the return of great 80's bands.

  2. secrets was indeed a brilliant album.

  3. looking forward to seeing them live again in December with new material to play!!!

  4. Octopus and Secrets were amazing albums
    dare it's a master piece
    I hope this will be true.
    i heard someone telling abou SKY as the official name of the album...

  5. Dare was an album that defined the early 80's and i remember it being quoted back then as being the perfect pop album. Looking forward to some new music from Phil and co.

  6. I'm so excited....I seriously can't wait for this new album.
    They take their time between records...but it's always worth it....looks like a great set list from those titles.

    The Human League are my absolute #1 group.