Wednesday, September 30, 2009

waiting for all that you want

We've been scouring the interwebs for the video clip of "Want", the new single from Natalie Imbruglia. After patiently waiting, it has been uploaded to her official website and now we have it here for your viewing pleasure.

Nat looks suitably stunning. Not a hair out of place. Well, except for those moments where she's had a mascara meltdown. Even then, she looks stylish. Basically, it's a romp through her flat with a video camera. Simplicity can be more effective at times. It let's the song "breathe". Yes? No?

Anyway, "Want" is a fabulous return for Nat. It sounds like she dusted off her old Kate Bush albums circa "Hounds Of Love". Not necessarily a bad thing. And it's one of three tracks she co-wrote with Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Incidently, The Shapeshifters turn in a massive, dance remix of "Want". Hopefully, it will see the light of day. It's certainly a crowd pleaser.

It's from her forthcoming longplayer, "Come To Life", which, for the most part, is produced by Ben Hillier who twiddled the knobs for her last studio effort, "Counting Down The Days", as well as albums by Depeche Mode and Blur. Let's hope she turns out a jolly strong effort.

But for the love of laundry, please tell me what is the deal with all these down market, budget bin album covers that have been cropping up lately? The single sleeve is far more stylish than the album cover. Have the labels completely run out of money? Ummm... Don't answer that.


  1. @gus - Thanks for the compliment. Stop back often!