Tuesday, September 22, 2009

D:Ream into action

Remember D:Ream? Oh those heady, raved out days in the 90s. They were colorful times. Weren't they, my kittens? Well, D:Ream are back, back, BACK! Oh, the Smash Hits flashback gives me goosebumps everytime.

D:Ream, the unlikely duo of singer/songwriter Peter Cunnah and DJ Al Mackenzie, had a string of mid table, UK hits in the early 90s like "U R The Best Thing", "Unforgiven", "Star" and the ubiquitous, Labor uniting anthem, "Things Can Only Get Better". In fact, the latter was not a hit once, not twice, but THREE times! The original single peaked at #24 in 1993 and Al Mackenzie split the scene shortly thereafter. Upon its rerelease a year later, the single rocketed up the charts and landed squarely at #1. Three years later, it was adopted by the Labour Party as their personal anthem which resulted in the single landing at #19 amidst election fever.

After Peter Cunnah put D:ream in mothballs, he continued to write pop songs for other acts including the first four hits for boyband A1. They included "Be The First To Believe", "Summertime Of Our Lives", "Ready Or Not" and "Like A Rose".

After a few years away, Peter and Al have reformed D:ream and are set to release a new longplayer called "In Memory Of...." which is previewed by the groovy single "All Things To All Men."

Always working the remix tip, D:Ream's first single in nearly fifteen years has been reswizzled by numerous denizens of the dancefloor including Jay Kay (a DJ from Belfast not the Jamiroquai main man), Pete Herbert, TJ Inc and Paul Gotel & DJ Story. The band also turn in a fabulous remix, as well.

Welcome back, gents!


  1. ooh d:ream were one of my faves from the 90's. can't wait to hear the remixes, etc. funny about A1 -- they were really werKing those bangs back in the day! LOL.

  2. Hey, this is a great surprise! I used to love D:ream! Glad to see they are back. Can't wait for the full length.

  3. Thanks for that. Please feel free to check out our to see what is going on in our world

  4. For the record, the Jay Kay on remix duties here is not the high pitched midget but a DJ from Belfats, apparently.

  5. @Julien - Thanks for reminding me to correct that. Soon after that post, someone brought it to my attention and completely blanked out on changing it.

    The guys from D:ream didn't even bring it to my intention when they read it.