Saturday, September 12, 2009

the fourth order

There was Joy Division, New Order and Electronic. Now, Bernard Sumner introduces his fourth, musical incarnation, Bad Lieutenant.

BL, perhaps named after the 1992 crime drama film starring Harvey Keitel, sounds exactly as you'd expect. It's New Order without Hooky's thundering, sinewy bass. Electronic without Johnny Marr's jangly strumming. But those elements aren't missed.

"Sink Or Swim", the group's debut single, finds Bernard carrying on with the more guitar based sound he's been delivering since "Twisted Tenderness" and "Waiting For The Sirens' Call", the most recent albums by Electronic and New Order, respectively.

"Sink Or Swim" will be available from all fine "shops" on September 28 and the album, "Never Cry Another Tear", will appear a week later. Unless, of course, you've blagged it off the interwebs already.

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