Thursday, September 24, 2009

boxed foxbase

I'm a self-proclaimed, packaging whore. Anytime one of my favorite artists releases an album in a special edition with special packaging, I simply have to get my hot, little hands on the item.

So when I heard about a special edition of the deluxe edition of "Foxbase Alpha" by Saint Etienne, I feverishly tracked one down. Thankfully, I was able to order it through the group's official website. But there was never a guarantee that I would actually receive one.

Guess what showed up on my doorstep on Tuesday?

How friggin' cute is THAT?!

It's the Subbuteo edition of "Foxbase Alpha". Apparently, only 1,000 have been made. The playing figure, manufactured by Hasbro, is dressed in the home colors of the Association Sportive de Saint-Étienne Loire, the French football team from which the band derives its name.

Subbuteo is a tabletop, football game. The playing pieces stand on weighted bases and are flicked across a tabletop mat towards the ball which is oversized and stands nearly as high as the players.

There is a long-established, Subbuteo competitive circuit which has an international governing body and a yearly, world championship competition. Apparently, the Saint Etienne boys take their footie seriously!

The Subbuteo edition of "Foxbase Alpha" includes the following:

1 x six inch tall Subbuteo player in Saint Etienne kit
1 x reprint of the original album poster
4 x unique "Foxbase Alpha" badges
1 x remastered double CD of "Foxbase Alpha"

And it's all housed in a beautifully designed, vintage Etienne green presentation box. Can I kiss these guys? They really know how to show their fans some serious love.

Hopefully, I will get around to reviewing the actual musical contents of the deluxe edition, remastered reissue of "Foxbase Alpha" soon.


  1. I searched google to see if these have been sent out yet. Your blog entry came up in the search! I cannot wait to check the mail when I come home tonight.

  2. I got mine the other day - I haven't listened to this album for years, but think this week it'll be all over the iPod

  3. Right on. Three cheers for packaging whoredom!

    You ordered Foxbase Beta as well, I assume?