Friday, September 25, 2009

once more unto the breach

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Spandau Ballet, who not only reunited for a tour which commences in four week's time and will continue through 2010, will be releasing a brand new longplayer, "Once More", this November.

The album, featuring reworkings of classic Spandau Ballet tracks alongside two brand new songs, will be issued by Mercury through Universal. It will be preceded by a single of the same name which is schedule for release on October 19.

The cover art looks like a cross between something from Talk Talk and Christopher Cross. Don'tcha think?

Keep watching this space. I'll be flying over to London to see Spandau Ballet perform live at the O2 Arena on October 22. Is it too early to start screaming like a high school girl?


  1. I read your tweet about this while driving my car. I screamed! LOL.

  2. @Mike -I was so excited to hear about new songs! Not sure I want the reworking of older songs, though. They are perfect the way they were originally recorded.