Saturday, September 5, 2009

singing and swinging again

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The world is all a-twitter (literally!) about some new stuff from Robbie Williams who took some time away from the spotlight while Take That conquered the UK with their recent, blockbuster reunion. I'm sure he need to lick his wounds after the scathing reviews he got for his last longplayer, "Rudebox".

I bet in a few years time, that album will warm up to those that thought it was a bad move. Seriously. Was he gonna keep giving you "Angels"? Is that what you wanted? Instead, we got what is known in some quarters as the first album by a major artist to embrace the sound of synths way before La Roux and Little Boots were the face of the new electro movement. I believe Robbie was a trailblazer about 18 months too soon.

RW's new single, "Bodies", is different kettle of fish, indeed. It doesn't fall into the category occupied by his previous album, but it doesn't tread on familiar ground like "Intensive Care" did. Thankfully, the zeros and ones ooze with that unmistakable Robbie charm and swagger.

There appears to be a big budget video in the works. Seems kind of pointless these days. Here's a 30 second clip we blagged off EMI's YouTube channel.

Where have I seen this concept before? Hmmmm.....

The album, "Reality Killed The Video Star", includes thirteen, new songs produced by the legendary Trevor Horn. Note the pun in the title, for it is Trevor Horn, as a member of The Buggles, launched MTV with their prophetic, debut single, "Video Killed The Radio Star", way back in 1981.

"Bodies" has all the hallmarks of a Trevor Horn production - a tough bass, stadium sized drums and a bombastic chorus. A deeper listen reveals shades of the first two Seal albums and hints of Art Of Noise.

The following is the tracklisting for RW's latest and greatest.

1. Morning Sun
2. Bodies
3. You Know Me
4. Blasphemy
5. Do You Mind?
6. Last Days Of Disco
7. Somewhere
8. Deceptacon
9. Starstruck
10. Difficult For Weirdos
11. Superblind
12. Won't Do That
13. Morning Sun (Reprise)

There will be a bonus track, "Amazing", for those of you who purchase the album through iTunes, but I suspect it will be only available in the UK and the rest of Europe which makes things very annoying for Robbie's American following. No word on whether "Reality Killed The Video Star" is slated for a US release.

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