Sunday, December 11, 2011

singled out

After a decade of singles and five longplayers, Goldfrapp have parted with Mute, the label they called home since their debut. To mark the occasion, Alison and Will are about to release the appropriately titled, "The Singles".

Featuring a meager twelve singles and two new recordings, "The Singles" gives a cursory overview of the duo's magnificent history. However, it's beyond comprehension why overlooked gems such as "Caravan Girl", "Pilots (On A Star)", "Twist", "Fly Me Away" and "I'm Alive" have not made the cut, especially when there is plenty of room on the disc for their inclusion.

The super lush and blissed out "Yellow Halo" is the first of two new tracks to be released from "The Singles" which hearkens back to the sound of "Seventh Tree". And that's not a bad thing, mes chattons! They've even managed to lense a little vid for the tune which is accompanied by a stunning set of visuals. Let's check it out.

"Melancholy Sky", which Goldfrapp performed live on their last tour, is the second of two new songs. "The Singles" will hit the "shops" on February 6. The following is the official tracklisting.

1. Ooh La La
2. Number 1
3. Strict Machine (Single Mix)
4. Lovely Head
5. Utopia (Genetically Enriched)
6. A&E
7. Happiness (Single Version)
8. Train
9. Ride A White Horse (Single Version)
10. Rocket
11. Believer
12. Black Cherry
13. Yellow Halo
14. Melancholy Sky


  1. Not super keen on this the prospect of this compilation. It seems like a rather pointless exercise.

  2. Kind of disappointing... I can think of six more tracks and I think there would have been a pretty even overview of a widely successful career so far. Without getting completely into it, missing are I'm Alive, UK Girls and Fly Me Away. Yes, yes, UK Girls was a b-side, but it was equal to Utopia.

  3. If it sounds like "Seventh Tree," chances are it's an outtake from that period.

    Not that I'm complaining. I still haven't worked up the nerve to buy "Head First." Even used. Those ONJ references scald my mind. I'm afraid.

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  5. The beauty of Head First is that it's part pistache, part homage and all very Goldfrapp. Even the album title reminds me of The Baby's finest album from the turn of the 80's - not that I think they had that reference in mind - or maybe they did.