Saturday, December 3, 2011

once more with feeling

In six, short years, The Feeling have manged to release three longplayers and nearly a dozen cracking singles. Their blend of ELO meets Squeeze with a touch of ABBA melancholy has been well received by fans and the casual music consumer.

Now, on the back of the release of a new version of "Rosé" for the Burberry Body marketing campaign, the epitome of the band as brand concept, The Feeling have seen fit to issue their first singles retrospective.

The tracklisting for "Singles (2006-2011)" features all eleven of the band's singles plus two favorites and the new recording of "Rosé" wrapped up in one convenient package.

1. Fill My Little World
2. Sewn
3. Never Be Lonely
4. Love It When You Call
5. Rosé
6. Strange
7. I Thought It Was Over
8. Without You
9. Turn It Up
10. Join With Us
11. Set My World On Fire
12. A Hundred Sinners (Come And Get It)
13. Leave Me Out Of It
14. Rosé (Unplugged at Abbey Road for Burberry Body)

Would've been nice to have a companion DVD in a limited edition set. Although, I love each of the singles housed within the collection, I can't help but feel there is a whiff of ye old bargain bin about the entire affair. The cover art is dreadful. Could The Feeling be down the dumper as "Smash Hits" used to say?

No matter, I still have a soft spot for the lads. And I'm a lucky ticket holder for their Christmas gig in London on December 21.

In the meantime, let's check out Dan Gillespie Sells and co. as they run through eight of their singles in eight minutes for our amusement.

Huzzah! Who doesn't love a megamix or a medley? "Singles (2006-2011)" will hit the "shops" on December 5.

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