Tuesday, June 1, 2010

lovers on a two way street

Oh, yes. You've all seen Kylie Minogue's new vid for "All The Lovers" by now. There is absolutely no reason for me to write about its existence. In fact, I knew it hit the interwebs when I heard the collective gay gasp outside my window.

Opinion seems to be divided on the song. In one camp, if you'll pardon the phrase, are the "lovers". They are the "gushers", once again if you'll pardon the phrase. To them, it's music sent to earth by angels. Then there are the detractors. The "indifferents". They love Ms. Minogue but aren't warming up to the new tune. To them, it's simply fine.

I really like "All The Lovers". I was underwhelmed upon first listen. But it has proven to be a subtle earworm. Now, I find myself dancing around my handbag in the middle of the room whenever it pops up on my iPod.

Here are my thoughts on it. Clearly, it's an attempt to capture a similar feeling as "The One" from Kylie's previous longplayer, "X". Its release as the lead single from "Aphrodite" tries to right a wrong. Although I loved the glam kitten stance of "2 Hearts", "The One" was clearly the single that everyone was screaming for and was left to wither on the vine. "All The Lovers" is its pretty, less popular, slightly younger sister. In fact, you could say it is what Dannii is to Kylie. Love Dannii to pieces. She's adorable, but ultimately doesn't command the same presence.

On to the vidular experience. By far, it's the best bit of dry humping committed to film. And Kylie looks absolutely radiant.

Now, the questions. What the HELL do mushrooms falling to the asphalt have to do with the song? Is it a thinly veiled reference to ecstasy? And why on earth are there no gays groping each other in this amorous display? Too hot to handle? This IS a Kylie video after all. Maybe the director was afraid it would look like the backroom of a gay bar during the White Party in Miami. Actually, there is one, gay couple engaging in a kiss. Blink and you'll miss it. Check out the screen grab above.

Why does the clip turn into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Clearly, the presence of a floating, white elephant between the skyscrapers is a visual metaphor for sex. Think about it. Then you'll giggle. Eventually.

My job is done here.


  1. What was that about the music? Sorry, I was distracted by that giant sex pile. :-D

    There's a couple of lesbians at 1.55

  2. This is indeed a subtle earworm. Wasnt sure at first but really like it now and suspect there could be some killer remixes to come. As to the gay content, I thought I saw several boys going at it at various points altho Im willing to concede it might just be wishful thinking :)

  3. It's a glorious song, and a beautifully understated vocal. I'm surprised at the number of detractors actually. Guess it's hard pleasing some people.

    It's a pretty gay video without being overt. I think it is edited very intelligently--since EMI are in the crapper and need a hit, so there are a few gay references sprinkled throughout, but not so many as to send middle America running for cover. After all, to have a hit these days, you have to be everything to everyone.

  4. Well, I like it. Isn't that what matters?

  5. I was with some gushers yesterday who are convinced it's from heaven. They are gagging for a Freemasons mix though ....likely ? I dunno though , I reckon it's gonna be great album cut. The whole campaign seems aimed at the gay market -or is that just me ?