Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the bluish hue of Lady Gaga's latest

Lately, my entries are like buses. Not one drives by for ages and then two come together one after the other.

Lady Gaga just premiered the epic video for her latest single, "Alejandro". We need to find another adjective when describing her music videos. Each one seems more cinematic and OTT than the next. The new one does not disappoint.

However, one thought crosses my mind. Who the HELL is paying for her videos? Has Lady Gaga found a never ending pool of cash somewhere? Crafty for the shoot had to cost a cool million! OK, a bit of an exaggeration. But you get where I'm coming from. Right, kittens?

If I have one criticism of Lady Gaga it's her penchant for kitchen sink videos. Her live performances suffer from the same mess of images. It's a case of trying to cram too many visuals into a small space of time. It can be overwhelming to the point of detracting from the song.

Someone needs to help her edit her thoughts into a more cohesive format. Otherwise, she will fall victim to her own imagination and creativity. But let's face it. GaGa is miles ahead of the pack when it comes to being a proper pop star. Which isn't too difficult considering she really doesn't have any competition.

While the sonic inspiration for "Alejandro" is clearly Ace Of Base brushed with a touch of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita", the visual connection is completely and compellingly Blond Ambition era Madonna with hints of Annie Lennox and Grace Jones.

Srsly! The ode to Madonna is quite striking. But the Lady has made no effort to hide her gushing admiration for Ms. Ciccone. Can you spot the flashes of "Vogue", "Like A Prayer", "Express Yourself", "Oh Father", "Human Nature" and "Frozen" in Gaga's new video extravaganza?

My favorite part has to be the machine gun tits.


  1. MACHINE GUN TITS!! Brilliant...brings Madge's bra into the New Millennium! You are spot on - Ace of Base, La Isla Bonita and the very cold but inviting GaGa interpretation! Last time I think I really lusted to a video was Spandau's Musclebound - another video whose cost was beyond expensive for the time. You know Leigh Bowery is smiling down on GaGa once again - no one can tell me that she didn't follow his every move as a teen/club kid...

  2. I would imagine that like all popstars, Lady Gaga herself is paying for her insanely elaborate music videos. The costs of which will duly be added to her mountain of meticulously annotated record company debt by the best paid accountants in the world. I remember back in the day when videos were a $10,000 afterthought. It all got darker when Billy Joel (shudder) shot the first clip using Equity talent. And the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna spent far more than even what a top selling single grossed to stroke their egos onscreen.

  3. Eureka, she's done it again! See Xtina, you can be sexy, edgy, provocative, and artistic without sinking to crass sluttiness. There is some highly racy stuff going on in this video, yet I didn't feel like my eyes were being raped like during the Not Myself Tonight video. Maybe the black & white classes things up a bit.

  4. @Echorich - You are so right about Leigh Bowery. She's definitely in that school of thought. Although, I think she's a little young to have been there.

  5. @REVO - I agree. I'm sure her account is marked "unrecouped" and will be for some time to come. But something tells me the label isn't funding the entire cost.

    It's interesting that she's producing such elaborate videos when there isn't a televised outlet for them. My guess is she's doing it to gain more traction on YouTube and other digital outlets.

    As I mentioned above, my only criticism is her habit of throwing in a million mixed images without being cohesively edited together.

  6. @countpopula - So right! Do we need to see Xtina with a red, lighted, flashing heart on her woo hoo?

  7. The remix package is flawless...