Saturday, January 23, 2010

shadow dancing

Smooth tongued R&B singer, Craig David, returns with a brand new single on March 15. "One More Lie (Standing In The Shadows)" is from his forthcoming, fifth longplayer, "Signed Sealed Delivered".

Clever use of The Four Tops' Motown classic, "Standing In The Shadows Of Love", which reached #6 on both the US and UK singles chart in 1967, the year of my birth. Levi Stubbs' remarkable vocal performance is still a spine tingling wonder after 40 years. Interesting to note that nobody has sampled it in the past. And CD seems to pull it off quite well.

Great to see Craig embracing the uptempo numbers again. The track starts off with a bit of a freestyle influence. Not sure if its parent album is going to be all Motown covers or new songs which sample the deep catalog of hits from the label founded in the Motor City. The latter concept might be interesting. The former could be nauseating. I certainly can live without another album of note for note rehashes from the Motown vaults.

Craig David released a greatest hits collection in 2008. If you don't own it, you should get your sweaty, little hands on a copy of it immediately.

It's easy to forget how many fantastic singles he's had over the last decade. I thought for sure "Insomnia", the first single from the hits compilation, would've seen him back at the top end of the singles chart. Sadly, it did not happen. Someone needs to cover it ASAP.

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  1. Agreed, great song. But life is and has always been unfair. Just think of great songs over the years that have gone nowhere. You may remember 80s duo Private Lives and their great single «Living In A World (Turned Upside Down)». I pressured all my friends into buying it, just to watch the general public not knowing what was going on. Dancing in the shadows of the chart, falsetto voice or not.

    Speaking of uptempo, maybe someone can convince Daniel Bedingfield to get back on that track too?