Monday, January 11, 2010

Did I shave my legs for this?

Thanks to the pop vigilance of Popjustice for alerting us to "Blood, Tears And Gold", another, achingly beautiful, new song from Hurts.

Still sticking with the gorgeous, moody, black and white visuals as part of their "campaign". Not sure what the shaving represents. Maybe it's their philosophy on life. Perhaps men should embrace their feminine side at times. Maybe it's a lesson. We must peel away the rough before we get to the smooth.

Whatever the message, it's clear they are a stylish lot. Very late 80s. They remind of the double breasted days of Johnny Hates Jazz, Black, Breathe and um... Halo James. I most certainly did mention Halo James! Dig it.

With only two songs floating around in cyberspace, the aforementioned "Blood, Tears And Gold" and previous track, "Wonderful Life", Hurts' forthcoming album is shaping up as an essential listen for 2010.

And thankfully, someone finally posted the AMAZING remix of "Wonderful Life" which was sliced and diced at the hands of 80s production wizard, Arthur Baker.

It has a bit of that electro club sound from New York that was so prevalent in the 80s. A dash of New Order, a pinch of Shannon and a just a whiff of freestyle. Boogie down.

Squeeze that album out ASAP, gents. We've been waiting patiently.

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