Monday, September 28, 2009

Moyet makeover

When you've had a career reaching back nearly 25 years, it's easy to have had one or two greatest hits collections under your belt. In the case of a rare few, they will have released three retrospectives. The trick is to make each one special enough for diehard fans and casual listeners alike.

So it is, after the rousing success of the Yaz(oo) tour with Vince Clarke and the anticipation of a forthcoming hits tour, Alison Moyet will return on October 19 with a new, appropriately titled compilation, "The Best of Alison Moyet: 25 Years Revisited". Her third such collection after "Singles" in 1995 and "The Essential Alison Moyet" in 2001.

The deluxe edition of the album will feature a second disc will contain eleven, brand new interpretations of Alison’s favorite songs from her back catalogue recorded with her current live band. Yes, you heard me shriek with delight.

The following is the tracklisting for "The Best of Alison Moyet: 25 Years Revisited" which features songs from across all of her seven solo albums:

CD 1 - "The Best Of Alison Moyet"

1. Love Resurrection
2. All Cried Out
3. Invisible
4. Where Hides Sleep
5. That Ole Devil Called Love
6. Is This Love?
7. Weak In The Presence
8. Ordinary Girl
9. Love Letters
10. It Won't Be Long
11. This House
12. Hoodoo
13. Footsteps
14. Whispering Your Name
15. Should I Feel That Its Over
16. More
17. Yesterday’s Flame
18. Windmills Of Your Mind
19. Almost Blue
20. One More Time

CD 2 - "25 Years Revisited"

1. All Cried Out
2. Ski
3. Hoodoo
4. Ordinary Girl
5. Midnight
6. This House
7. Find Me
8. Footsteps
9. Is This Love?
10. Situation
11. Wishing You Were Here

And Alison is sporting a new, svelte and sultry look. After years of struggling with her weight, she has managed to get it under control with the help of her devoted husband who she has known for 20 years.

Thanks to fellow, pop aficionado Stephen Sears over at XO's Middle Eight for directing our attention to Alison's stunning transformation. Photographer Chris Floyd certainly captured Alison's beauty in ways we haven't seen in years. Bravo!

Although, I must admit that I'm not in love with the cover art for the album. It looks a bit down market for such an auspicious collection. Surely they could've not made it look like it belongs in the budget bin.


  1. Yes, it's the third Alison Moyet compilation released in fourteen years. I already own "The Essential Alison Moyet", which is very interesting not only because of the inclusion of three Yaz(oo) tracks (the same thing happened with the previous "Singles" collection) but also because of the inclusion of hard-to-find tracks like "Our Colander Eyes", her own version of "Ne Me Quitte Pas" and "Blue (Playing The Field)".

    Taking a look at the new tracklist, "Where Hides Sleep" is a curious choice (was it a single? I know that "For You Only" received some airplay, at least in Italy and maybe other European countries). "Wishing You Were Here" and "Getting Into Something" are missing in action. "Say It" (co-written by Eg White) would have been a better choice than "Yesterday's Flame" IMHO, and while it wasn't exactly a career highlight, her most recent single "A Guy Like You" should belong here.


  2. @Alessandro Liccardo - I agree with you. All good points. I like that "The Essential Alison Moyet" has a few reasons to own it. It's not just a re-jumble of "Singles".

    As for the new hits collection, not sure why "Where Hides Sleep" is on there. Alison must like it. It wasn't a single as far as I'm aware.

    Surprised "A Guy Like You" isn't included. And none of her singles collections ever feature "Sleep Like Breathing" which was the fourth and final single from "Raindancing". It's the only duet to ever feature on one of her albums. Her partner on that song is David Freeman from The Lover Speaks.

  3. isnt "Where Hides Sleep" the duet with the guy from The Lover Speaks

  4. @Philip - "Where Hides Sleep" is from "Alf". You're thinking of "Sleep Like Breathing" which is the duet from "Raindancing".

  5. Alison and her voice were always stunning - who cares if she was weighing a bit more; she sure wasn't fat.

    Love her and hope she'll come back with more new material soon.