Thursday, August 12, 2010

a toured affair

Tour montage videos are all the rage these days. N'est-ce pas, mes petit chattons? Now, Goldfrapp has joined the parade with the video for their latest single, "Believer". Let's face it, they are cheap, promotionally effective and give acts the "presence" they so desire. Sometimes they amount to little more than a Final Cut Pro exercise on a roadie's Mac Book.

But, as Robyn recently showcased in the video for her current single, "Hang With Me", the raw emotion bleeds through the fourth wall rendering the viewer completely connected to the artist.

Perhaps Goldfrapp's new clip doesn't have the same effect, but you certainly get the sense that the band have a tremendous amount of fun on the road together. And it gives Alison's image a much needed shot of warmth. Plus, who doesn't love watching everyone dressed up in their glammest glamwear followed by appearances of the band in hoodies pulling their luggage through airports? Where are their minders?

Love the lampshade look Alison sports around the 1.40 mark.

Unfortunately, this will probably be the final single from "Head First", one of my absolute favorite longplayers released this year. That's a crying shame since the album could be mined six singles deep. They plucked seven out of Beyoncé's weave. Surely Alison has enough fierce divatude in her flowing locks for a few singles more.

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  1. i'm absolutely with you that this album could just be pumped and pumped for singles. And heck if Alison and co don't want to do videos then animation will do nicely :) Such a shame that it hasn't taken off more. I keep coming back to it's warm lush melodies and being delighted every time!