Tuesday, August 3, 2010

middle age, distance dancing

The full video has been lensed and edited for
"Middledistancerunner", the brand new single from Chicane which features everyone's heartland electro emo pixie, Adam Young aka Owl City.

Although the video features neither artist, it does maintain Chicane's fondness for offbeat visuals bathed in an au jus of controversy. Bikini clad girl on a trampoline? Get ready for the jiggle. Here's the vid in its color saturated glory.

Not sure about the title, though. I've seen it listed as one long, unbroken word. Sometimes I've seen it listed more sensibly as "Middle Distance Runner".

Either way you slice it, the single, plucked from Chicane's current longplayer, "Giants", is another dreamy dance number from Mr. Nick Bracegirdle. Drenched in melancholy and plonky piano figures, "Middledistancerunner" is sure to please the faithful.

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