Thursday, August 26, 2010

let's kiss and make up


The video for "Shame", the duet between Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, is a poignant number set against a backdrop of Brokeback proportions.

Robbie gives Gaz a bit of an edge in this one. Nicely done, chaps.

Is it wrong to salivate throughout this video? Don't lie! You've watched it repeatedly hoping for a snog at the end. Such is unrequited love. Le sigh.


  1. Tis true, I was so hoping they'd do a whole lot more than just take off their shirts. :(
    A Shame, indeed...

    What a great track. Great vid.

  2. i basically have had it on repeat all day and perved over the screen at work so much i had to get it all down in a far too gushing blog about it. i love it. so melancholy yet tinged with hope. And the video, delightful.

  3. gary barlow is so YUMMY here!

  4. OMG -- I just totally played that thing 4 times. LOLOLOL.

  5. .......ohhhhhh mmmmmmmmy gawwwwwd. Fact that they sorta look like twins just kinda adds to the, uh, did I say that?

  6. I totally love the song!!! YAY for a Robbie-Gary kiss and make up!