Tuesday, August 24, 2010

confidentially speaking

The promotional campaign for Hurts is gaining more steam by the day. Theo and Adam are pushing all the right buttons. Not only did they have the fabulous fortune and good taste to duet with Kylie Minogue on their forthcoming longplayer, "Happiness", they also recorded a cover of her seventh #2 single, "Confide In Me".

Srsly, gents. Get thee to a recording studio, ASAP! This will make a truly inspired b-side. More of this, plz. *swoon*

What started out as an enigma has grown into a full on pop extravaganza. Brooding, stylish, thoughtful and gloriously elegant.

If there's any justice in this world, "Wonderful Life" will go straight into the top 10 of the UK singles chart.


  1. Mesmerizing. I don't get the haters. Hurts may be a bit 80's, but holy crap Theo can sing, and the arrangements are epic yet tasteful. Maybe everybody's a bit too Eminem or too Band of Horses right now, but I am glad Hurts exist in the world, and this is just their beginning, so cut them some slack.

  2. I'm on holiday in Berlin for about 10 days, and here in the German charts, Wonderful Life is a new entry at number 2 and I hope they will climb. The top spot it taken by a horrible song, which I won't mention.

    I'm looking forward to next Friday (27 August), as the album will be released here in Germany, apparently earlier than in the rest of the world.

    I think that melodic, epic and insightful pop as you so well describe it, is for those who really care - or maybe only for those that had it on the radio all the way through the 80's... It might also be an acquired taste.. I'm spreading the word on Hurts to my friends and colleagues at work, and I'm getting the message across - but only to those that have some kind of sensitivity...

    Anyway, I'm now enjoying A-25 - which I bought here today for a bargain price of 11,99 euros. The album was last weeks highest entry at number 2 (for the completists).

    I agree, this Kylie cover should be a b-side to a future single - and I keep my fingers crossed the UK music buying public will have come to their senses.

  3. @countpopula - I don't understand the haters either. I think a lot of things, pop music included, have been dumbed down. Somehow, if it's melodic, epic, insightful and emotional, it's deemed complete crap or an 80s throwback.

    Some folks just can't wrap their minds around it. I think people have gotten accustomed to their entertainment being shouted at them.

  4. @Cele - It looks like Germany is the new UK! So glad Hurts is going to fly in at the top end of the chart.

  5. Oops, something went wrong with my typing.. I meant A-ha 25 in the 4th paragraph, in stead of A-25.

    I think Germany can be the new UK, as they are much more welcoming to interesting music.. Just look at Depeche Mode, they have become very huge here, as compared to in their homecountry.

    Something else, the concerts for Hurts here in Germany had to be rescheduled... because the demand was too high and they had to find bigger concert venues...

  6. I admit that much of my annoyance with Hurts stems from the inevitable comparisons to certain other electro-pop duos (with whom they have little in common other than 'the look'). However, taken purely on their own merits, Hurts is phenomenal and this track is awesome.

    (sadly, I suspect there is no justice in this world.. :( )

  7. Mr. Vinny Vero...

    THE HURTS LP IS F*CKING AWESOME! 10/10! AMAZING SONG WRITING ALL THE WAY AROUND, SUPER HIGH PRODUCTION VALUE AND THE ENTIRE PACKAGE HAS A REAL NICE AESTHETIC TO IT. Kudos must also be given to The Nexus team as well as to Sterling Sound for the top notch mastering job.

    But you know what makes me the happiest???

    "Major Label Limited Under Exclusive Licence to Sony Music Entertainment..."

    Though controlled compositions, I'm guessing Major Label Limited was an entity created by Adam, Theo and/or Three Six Zero Groud to protect their publishing and copyrights?

    I haze zero clue who's going to pick up the NA territory? Jive? I don't mind paying for imports but I feel as if everybody needs to listen to Theo and Adam right now :0)