Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kylie en Español y los extras

Attention Kylie collectors! Details of bonus tracks have just surfaced for her forthcoming single, "All The Lovers". Two of the three physical formats will contain non-album b-sides.

The first of two CD singles will feature the eyebrow raising track "Go Hard Or Go Home". The second CD will feature a handful of arms akimbo remixes for a jolly night out down the disco.

The real gem is tucked away on the 7" picture disc, which is, quite frankly, a truly useless format. The b-side will be "Los Amores", which is, as one would expect, a Spanish language version of the a-side. I bet Kylie's legion of dedicated fans will be scouring the interwebs for a pristine, digital version of that little number. You know where to find me if you get your dirty Google fingers on it, kittens.


  1. Shouldn't that be "Todos Los Amantes", or at the very least "Los Amantes"?

    And yes, the 7"/vinyl single is USELESS! I'm still trying to locate the 7" vinyl singles of the two Those 2 Girls' singles.

    Surely the Spanish Version will be on an Spanish promo radio CD?

  2. would love to hear the spanish version. hopefully it will show up somewhere... can't wait for Aphrodite. Attitude magazine did a wonderful review of it, and I reviewed the review :P

  3. I'm with Kevin. "Los Amores" translates as "The Loves" not "The Lovers". But until we hear the whole translation we can't be sure it's wrong, because the Spanish lyrics may not be saying the same thing.

  4. Picture disc!? Why not go all out and offer a flexi-disc while they're at it? That's a way to combat download piracy, I guess. Make it sound so bad no one would want it!