Monday, June 14, 2010

the last hurrah for a-ha

Today, a-ha unveiled their last hurrah. Literally! After 25 years together, the Norwegian trio will bid their fans a fond farewell with “Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)”.

It will be available from all fine digital outlets in Norway on July 5. No word on whether it will be a stand alone single anywhere else in the world. But you can rest easy. It will be included on “25″, a new, double CD, greatest hits compilation to be released on July 19.

Here's a little taste.

The intro is very Depeche Mode. N'est-ce pas? What they really should've done is release a CD with a studio recording of their cover of DM's "A Question Of Lust".

This performance from BBC2 was originally transmitted on June 25, 2009. It's just begging to be recorded properly.


  1. Had no idea about this! Good song!

  2. Michael of LondonJune 15, 2010 at 7:25 PM

    The Last Hurrah. How unusual and moving (I think) to have something so specific as a final single title. Farewell lovely A-ha. Especially your “I’ve Been Losing You (Extended Mix)”.

    Apologies if you’re already familiar with it, but the BBC made a great documentary called Synth Britannia. I think that you might like it. Someone has very kindly put in on YouTube in 9 parts.