Wednesday, June 9, 2010

trippy scribble

Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, the enigmatic, dance dynamo known as Underworld, have returned with a stonking, new single. "Scribble" is the first track to be plucked from their forthcoming, eighth longplayer, "Barking".

Not sure why I find this slab of drum n' bass so appealing. It has an anthemic, euphoric quality to it. The plinky keyboard figure would sound uninspired in a dance track by anybody else. The trippy, dubbed out middle section is a heart stopper.

I thought drum n' bass was so 1997. Apparently, we're recycling the music from the 80s AND the 90s now. Sometimes in the same track!

Who hasn't experienced the joy and ecstasy of a cracking tune while zipping around in their car? Easily relatable. Although, I think more ecstasy than joy might be applicable in this case.

Where are my glowsticks?

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