Monday, June 14, 2010

Tracey Thorn and her acoustic adventures

The ever lovely and Twitter proficient Tracey Thorn returns with "Why Does The Wind?", the second single from her third, solo longplayer "Love And Its Opposite".

Tracey describes "Why Does The Wind?" as "a song about one person in a relationship being more committed than the other, and feeling pissed off that the other one is looking for a way out, leaving the back door open.” Many of us have either been there or know someone who has. This highly relatable topic and many others, which are explored on Tracey's latest elpee, might have a little something to do with the reason people connect to her music.

A slathering of dancefloor friendly mixes have been commissioned for the new single by Morgan Geist, Andre Lodemann and Michel Cleis. After Everything But The Girl experienced worldwide prominence with the remix of "Missing" way back in 1995, Tracey understands that there is a segment of her fanbase that wants to hear her voice in a more uptempo, electronic setting, hence the availability of mixes on a spiffy, old school 12" single which you can order today over at Buzzin' Fly. Check out the artwork for it above.

Since no plans are afoot for EBTG to hit the road anytime soon, check out some of the home video recordings Tracey put together with current studio partner, Ewan Pearson, and her longtime love interest and musical collaborator, Ben Watt.

You can imagine the hijinx they get up to when the camera isn't running. I love her little, electric zithery thing. Actually, it's an omnichord.

Love her purple stripy top. Do you suppose she's wearing the same trainers she wore when she recently ran the Moonwalk marathon?

Here's an idea! Tracey could record a mini concert in her home studio with Ben and Ewan. Then they can release it as a limited edition DVD through Strange Feeling. Marketing genius! She can thank me later for that one.

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  1. Woke up this morning turned on the coffeemaker, then the computer, clicked on the iTunes store and bought the Why Does The Wind remixes. The dog was not happy that she came third... Oh and the Morgan Geist remix is classic! Certainly as good as Todd Terry's Missing remix.