Friday, April 30, 2010

you spin me round

Alphabeat are a clever lot. They're fun. They shimmy their Danish asses on the borderline without straying into being twee.

Case in point... Their new single, "DJ (I Could Be Dancing)", not only has the benefit of a parenthetical prefix added to the title, it also sports a cute, budget impaired video. Let's take a peek.

Looks like that "set" is held together with chewing gum and sellotape. (That's Scotch tape for our American readers.) I feel a bit sorry for ver Beat. You can almost feel their lack of enthusiasm as they plod through their bouncy tune with what amounts to little more than an empty room adorned with two round platforms. The money would've been better spent had they did something a little more DIY with a couple of handhelds.

As for the single, I like the way it has been freshened up and reswizzled. Who doesn't like a classic, 90s house piano and Black Box inspired, vocal samples?

"DJ" has been a fan favorite of their current album, "The Spell" (or the lamely titled "The Beat Is..." as it is known in the UK), and will finally see a release on May 31. I just wish the rest of the elpee was as tingle inducing as the three singles lifted from it.


  1. No love for "Heat Wave"?

  2. @Anonymous - Funny you should mention that. It's the other single worthy track on the album, IMHO.

  3. I love this album a lot more than the last one. "The Right Thing" and "Always Up With You" are also singles-type tracks in my mind, but "Chess" is my real favorite...

  4. "DJ" is my favorite track from the album. Im so happy it has been given the single treatment. The remixes are also fantastic!