Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Would you like some fries with that shake?

Scissor Sisters have revealed the cover art for their forthcoming album, "Night Work". It features an original photograph from 1980 called "Dancer" by Robert Maplethorpe. It's simultaneously saucy and sophisticated.

I wonder if the model was wearing leg warmers? Anyway, who doesn't like a piece of ass? Looks like you could bounce a quarter off that beauteous gluteus.

"Night Work" will be unleashed on the universe on June 28, preceded a week earlier by the single, "Fire With Fire".

If you swing over to ver Sistsers' website, Mr. Shears and co. have been kind enough to preview a suitably dramatic track from the album. It's called "Invisible Light" and it is EPIC!

It sounds like a combination of Pet Shop Boys and New Order with nods toward Frankie era, Trevor Horn productions. In fact, Mr. Paul Reynolds over at a Fizzy Pop!! agrees wholeheartedly!

There's a Thriller-esque narration toward the end. Come to think of it, the spoken word part is more like a tip of the hat to "Two Tribes" by FGTH. As coincidence would have it, the track feels a bit inspired by Faithless in spots. Check out my previous entry about the new Faithless single that's about to be released.

The whole thing sounds like a sleazy night in Berlin. All dark corners, sticky puddles and amyl nitrate. Not that I would know anything about that sort of thing.


  1. Best post ever ;DDD The reference to Berlin is very funny, you dirty b*tch ;DD And it's a supertrack! After largely ignoring their second album, they totally grabbed my attention now! :-O

  2. I think it's related to 70's Boney M. Not sure I like it that much.

  3. I always agree :) But yes this is exactly the sort of epic teaser we needed to get us all excited about a hopefully stunning new album. What a bottom.

  4. I've never been a Scissor sister, so to speak, but Invisible Light is awesome. Very Frankie in parts, good by me, and also really current. Jake, don't make me buy your album.

  5. A little birdie told me the model is named Peter Reed and the photos were actually a session for After Dark Magazine from '77.

    I can't wait for this album.