Thursday, April 8, 2010

inner sanctum

It's no secret, kittens. Technology and social media have changed the way we connect and communicate. As usual, musicians tend to lead the charge.

One of my faves, Glaswegian duo Hue And Cry, have embraced the change with every fiber in their brotherly bodies.

Pat and Greg Kane, technology boffins and politcal pundits, have started work on the follow-up to "Open Soul", their musical offering from 2008, which brought them back into the pop spotlight. The new longplayer, tentatively titled "Hot Wire", is being documented as they toil away toward its release.

The studio used to be an inner sanctum with the creative process shrouded in secrecy and speculation. Social media has kicked down the door and acts like H&C have no problems inviting spectators in for a cup of tea.

Here's a taste of their 27th day in the studio. New song, "Fail You Better", has an Al Green feel to it. And Pat gives it some church. Is there a better blue eyed soul singer?

Be prepared to see more of their activity on my little corner of the blogosphere, my lovelies.

While some artists, like Imogen Heap, tweeted and blogged their way up to the release of an album only to disappear over the precipice once it was released, Hue And Cry are committed to being interactive with their community of fans throughout and beyond. Well done, lads!

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