Wednesday, April 28, 2010

give us some Pixies and some Roses and some Valentines

The Divine Comedy come crashing back down to Earth with "Indie Disco", a brand new tune from their forthcoming elpee, "Bang Goest The Neighbourhood". Thankfully, Neil Hannon has splashed out a wee bit of cash on an accompanying video.

After Neil released his collaborative side project, The Duckworth Lewis Method, last year he's back in his guise as TDC with a simple song about love at the local danceateria. To these ears, "Indie Disco" has specks of 90s vintage Blur and Pulp mixed in with the usual 60s inspired string filigree. It's a jaunty, little number without a sniff of foppery.

The namechecking throughout the song is sweet without ever being twee. The late 60s Britannia cool color blocking visuals and the obvious use of the towering Elvis/Tom Jones inspired title in lights. The last shot of the growing pile of record sleeves is a lovely, ironic, arched eyebrow moment.

Well done, my good man!


  1. About time! Love the Divine Comedy, as any person with ears should.

  2. This is SO DAMN GOOD. I met Neil once--what a lovely chap!