Wednesday, August 5, 2009

welcome back Mr. Williams

News flash! It was just announced that Robbie Williams will return with a new album and single this year. It coincides nicely with the end of the campaign for Take That's most recent album, "The Circus", and the subsequent tour. How convenient.

The forthcoming album, his eighth longplayer, is called "Reality Killed The Video Star". It will be released on November 9. Ahead of that, the first single from the album will be "Bodies", on October 12. Both the single and album have had its knobs twiddled by Trevor Horn, the titan of all producers. It should sound massive!

Of course, the title of the album is a nod to "Video Killed The Radio Star" by the Buggles of which Trevor Horn was a memeber.

Robbie's looking well rested, don'tcha think?



    I <3<3<3 ROBBIE!

    Yes, he looks great!

  2. @bobaloo - Srsly! I can tell you are excited about a new Robbie album, too. WOO!