Monday, August 17, 2009

second singles

A-ha just revealed they will be releasing two different songs as the second single from their monumental longplayer, "Foot Of The Mountain".

"Shadowside" will be the next single in mainland Europe while the UK will be treated to "Nothing Is Keeping You Here", which is one of my favorites on the album. Each will be delivered in a remixed version for single consumption.

Here are the songs as they appear on the album.


"Nothing Is Happening Here"

Apparently, "Shadowside" is scheduled to be the third single released in the UK. "Nothing's Keeping You Here" will be available from September 21.

Strange that no word has surfaced about a single release for "Riding The Crest", which hearkens back to the more electronic sound they delivered on their debut, "Hunting High And Low". The first three singles, all of which I love, don't really reflect the more electro splashed sound they've introduced on their latest.

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