Tuesday, August 11, 2009

an invitation to the dance of life

I think Pet Shop Boys said it best in "Se A Vida É" - "life is much more simple when you're young". But you might as well party your ass off in your 50s if you can.

The old broad can still shake it better than the best of them. Who else can string together 34, instantly recognizable hits and still have plenty a grade A cuts left over? If the commercial reflects some of the songs featured on this ultimate greatest hits set, does that mean "Human Nature" will be on it? I love the song, but it was hardly one of her biggest hits. Although, it did reach #8 in the UK singles chart. You just know there's gonna be some hair pulling when she finally unveils the tracklisting.

Personally, I want the single edit of "Live To Tell" on this collection. The album version has that extended, ethereal break in the middle that sucks the energy out of the song.

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