Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new boots and a pink tutu

Shortly, Natalie Imbruglia will return from the wilderness with a brand new album featuring a brace of new songs written with Chris Martin from Coldplay. "Want", the first single from the album, will be released on September 28 followed by her fourth longplayer, "Come To Life", a mere seven days later. It follows two, relatively quiet years since she wrapped up her first decade of singles with "Glorious: The Singles 97-07".

Has it really been TWELVE years since "Torn"? For the love of laundry, the space-time continuum hurts my head.

In a bit of a strange move, the first peek into the album is a video for "Wild About It", a jaunty little number accompanied by a video of Nat in a pink tutu and black boots. Natalie loves it when things "go viral". By the looks it, she likes a bit of a knees up, as well.

Also, you can listen to a clip of "Want" over at Popjustice where they preview all the pop that's fit to print. Or you can listen to it in the following clip which has a crazy, French, radio "DJ" shouting over the top of it. Apparently, if you weren't aware upon first listen, "Want" is a "new sexy song".

As Darren Hayes so rightly pointed out on Twitter, "Want" sounds a bit like Kate Bush circa "Running Up That Hill", not in Natalie's vocal but in the sonics of the production - tribal drumming, spooky bits and deep, low octave backing vocals in the choruses.

Everytime Natalie returns to the pop machine, she delivers one, great single and then she's off the rails again. So far, with only two songs to judge by, she might be back with a solid album full of wonderful performances and sparkling tunes.

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  1. I dunno about that. Counting Down the Days had multiple great singles. What I like about her is that she never fails to do something a little unexpected, and doesn't follow trends even though she started out as a trendy popster.