Thursday, August 13, 2009

look who's getting fresh

I feel like I just snorted an entire bottle of amyl nitrate. ZING!

Pete Hammond took "Left My Heart In Tokyo" by Mini Viva, a reasonably decent single, and swizzled it into an amazing, retro, dance around your handbag, floor filler.

There's a joke about Pink Lady in here someone. Don't bother me, kid. Ask your parents!

Remember how Cliviles & Cole were brilliant at pulling influences from different "classic", "old school", disco records and refashioning them into amazing pop nuggets? Pete's back and he's got that same knack. Take a listen to "Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend" by Mel & Kim.

All that missing in the Mini Viva remix is that wicked, whip sound. And by the way, it doesn't look like Pete's mix is going to be made commercially available. Someone shoot me. Time to fire up the interwebs for a search.

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