Monday, September 30, 2013

loose change

Alison Moyet is about to release the stuttering staccato of "Changeling" as the next single from her current, glorious longplayer, "The Minutes".

It's a strange choice for a single. Perhaps I should clarify. It's a bold statement. The perfect single to showcase Alf's edgier, more synth driven direction with collaborator and knob twiddler extraordinaire Guy Sigsworth.

But, if memory serves me correctly, wasn't this the first track from the album? That's what I find so odd about the choice of single. It was already the first taste we got of her daring, much welcomed direction. In these digital days, I guess it doesn't matter which song is the teaser track or an official single.

Anyway, she looks fierce in the clip. Dressed in a black neoprene number which gives her a slightly futuristic appearance, she stands defiantly against a backdrop of kaleidoscopic city scenes, her herky jerky motions adding an air of anxiety.

"Changeling" will hit the "shops" on October 14.

1 comment:

  1. Changeling is such an amazing track that it's only fitting that it get a proper push as a post album released single. The pre-release single is really only a British marketing success, typically, so I applaud whoever decided to give the album a bit of a renewed push by releasing the stand out track from it.